About US

What we are about?


Rubix Cube Studios is about creating fun, exciting Esport games. We focus on games that are challenging to our players! What’s exciting is that as a player you play with other players and meet friends all around the world. Most of our games are in partnership with Skillz, where you can win prizes and do cash tournaments. We are striving to develop more mind-blowing/exciting games in the future! Watch the space…

Rubix Cube Studios mission is to become the best global company in the world. We currently have an extensive fan base globally and we would very much appreciate it and openly welcome you to share your thoughts and feedback with us. We have various creative styles in which we develop our games. There is quite an extensive in-depth creative thought process that goes into developing our games. We aim to create games that help enhance one’s cognitive mental skills which will stimulate the brain’s problem-solving abilities.

These games can positively develop your reflexes. Not only are these games a challenge on a mental level, but if you feel like shutting your mind off from a stressful day at work, then these games are the perfect stress release to blow off a little steam.

Rubix Cube Studios aim to create games that put you in as the player alternate parallel universe of absolute fun! What are you waiting for? Try it out now. Please follow us on our social media platforms like Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook. Download today and enjoy!

Clinton Symington

Owner,  Coder, and Art director.

Dean Symington

Co-Owner and Chief Architect